Enjoy this short I am working on, rough draft.


Sable wore fishnet stockings and her lucky thong under her leggings. Her white camisole fit losely around the midriff, but in the air conditioned room her nipples were right perky. They pressed against the skimpy attire. Her belly button peeked from the lacey button material with a star ring piercing shinning through.

Sable watched as he sat at his desk pretending to be attentive to the caller. His breathing became labored as she walked towards his desk. His Adams Apple began to dance. Up, down, up, down, and a bead of sweat had broken out on his forehead.

Sable stood in front of his desk. He blinked several times trying not to be distracted. No chance that was happening. Sable turned and faced the door. Now her back to him. He couldn’t look away. He knew what came next.

Sable spread her legs just a bit and then she bent all the way down. She heard him gasp. He stuttered as he looked at her the mound that faced him. His dick hardened. He quickly excused himself and hung up the phone. It took a few seconds to catch his breath. The bulge in his pants pressed against the fabric. It hurt. It needed to be released.

Sable could hear him fumbling trying to get his pants and briefs down to his ankles. Suddenly, a sigh, a groan, a triumph laughter and the elated man stroked his cock.

Sable came up just enough to reach her wast band on her leggings. She slowly peeled them downward. There was a cough, another groan, and then he cried out, “Please, go faster, let me see them.” She did. She stripped those leggings down to her boots. She tossed off those zippered boots and off came the leggings.

The man stroked faster using his pre-cum juices to help him move his large hands up and down his shaft. He squeezed the head and played with that tip and watched Sable move her fingers over the fishnet stockings that still covered her ass.

“Tell me what to do.” She said to the horny man.

As he stroked he grunted. He could barely say, “Please, let, me… touch them.”

Sable turned. He groaned.  She commanded him, “Stand up.”

He did. He never let his dick go. He continued to stroke and play with the head.

“Let me watch you, but slower strokes. One hand only. Use the other hand to undress yourself. Take that shirt off.” She said boldly.

He did as he was told. Pre-cum flowed.

Sable watched him. She was well aware of her own wetness. She wanted him to touch her.

His shirt came off, only letting go of his cock for a brief second or two. He tossed it to the back of him. Sable walked around the desk and he turned slightly. She was an arms length away.

“Touch me.” She said soflty.

He did aa she aaked by leaning forward and slid his fingers between her thighs.