Screenwriter Jillian Bullock

      Interview with Jillian Bullock

Who is Jillian Bullock?

A: I am the CEO of Jillian Bullock Enterprises, LLC, based in PA. Through my company I work as a fitness and wellness expert, award winning independent filmmaker, empowerment speaker, and professional life coach. I am a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal, and currently freelance for on-line publications. I write and speak about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), fitness, health, empowerment, women’s issues (rape, sexual assault, domestic violence), and personal and professional development. I am a certified personal trainer and certified group fitness instructor. A former competitive martial artist, I hold two black belts, one in Tae Kwon Do and the other in Wing Chun. I currently train in Muay Thai and boxing.

I am also the author of the memoir, HERE I STAND, which tells of my upbringing as a young, African-American girl, raised by my white stepfather, who was a member of the Italian Mafia.


Jillian, I’ve read your book, and as I am sure many who have read your memoir, wonder, it took a great deal of mental strength to get from point A to point B, does your strength have a pause button? Is there a time now, where you wonder how you will get through something?

A: It took me ten years to write my life story because it was very difficult to do. There were things that happened in my life while growing up that still hit a nerve at times, which is another reason why it took me so long to complete it. At times, I had to put the writing aside to clear my head. But to have completed the book is in a sense how I now live my life.

There are going to be tough times, but I gather the strength to endure, push through, and come out on the other side a much stronger person. I call this my “fighting spirit.”

If a young MMA fighter came up to you today and asked, what’s it like to be you? How would you answer that question?

A: I would answer, I am the kind of person who continues to strive every day to be a better person. I’m still a work in progress. I work diligently to live a good life, a happy life, a productive and fulfilled life. Being happy is the most difficult thing to do, but it’s the most important. And despite all the things I have accomplished, it took me a long time to figure out how to be happy and a peace.

Tell us what it was like to take that first punch to someone when you were in the ring.

jillian and rich self-defense 5

A: Taking a punch or giving a punch feels the same way to me. Obviously, taking it does hurt, but I also know landing a punch to my opponent also hurts. My first punch to an opponent felt good. It meant I overcame my fear and challenged myself. But I also learned during my amateur boxing career, that we, females, are warriors when we enter the ring. The thing is, standing in that ring with another female, I know the hard work we both endured to get to that point. Most times, female fighters are mothers, many times single mothers, or wives, working women, who have a lot on our plates, but we still must find time to train, to diet, and to balance our lives. I had the upmost respect for any women who was my opponent even when we were smashing each other with blows.

Why do you think we idolize sport players?

A: I can’t say because I don’t idolize any sport players. But if I had to form an opinion, I guess it would be because people see sport players as something they’re not, bigger than life, with extraordinary or gifted talent.

Are you still as health conscious today as when you were training for a fight?

A: No, not even. Training for a fight was a job, well, in my case a second job or third, if you count raising kids. I used to train six days a week, two-three hours a day and the diet was so strict. However, I will be filming my first fitness video this year, so I have to start training and eating a clean diet in order to look my best. This in a sense is like preparing for a fight. In six months, I’ll look on the level of how Michael B. Jordan did in the movie “Creed.”

Women and men look at you as an empowered woman, do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?

A: It’s a sign of strength. You cleanse your soul when you cry. You let go of pain or you rejoice in the wonders of life when you let it out. However, I believe crying does need to be done in private at times. Crying at an award show when you receive an Oscar or when you see your child being born is one thing, but crying in front of your employees because things are going crazy and you’re frustrated and stressed, is not cool, especially if you’re a woman. You don’t want people, especially men, to have any reason to think you can’t do a powerful job or a difficult task because you’re too emotional. Sad to say, but that’s the world we live in.

If you could go back in time and tell a younger version of yourself one thing, what would you tell?

A: I would tell my younger self this: “Listen girl, do not have children or get married until later in life, so you can completely focus on building your multi-million dollar empire.”

I know many women who have had cancer scares, myself included, but you have actually battled cancer, can you speak on that a little?

A: In my early 30’s I had ovarian cancer. As a result I had a hysterectomy, along with treatment. It was a scary time because I was a single mother of three children. My oldest son, Clinton, was in high school and he was about to go to Venezuela as an exchange student, so he wasn’t around to help. I basically struggled to figure out what would happen if I were to die. It was a difficult time even after I went into remission. I became depressed and couldn’t work for a while. But like other difficult periods in my life, I put on my ‘fighting spirit’ attitude and sucked it up. I got back to living and actually started training again, not only in boxing, but mixed martial arts and wrestling. I trained at WXW Wrestling camp in Allentown, PA. The owner, Afa Anoa’i, was a WWE tag team champion with his brother Sika Anoa’i in the 70’s and 80’s. Afa is also the uncle of many WWE superstars, including Rikishi and The Rock.

What does your joy look like today, Jillian?

A: Quiet is a joy to me. When I am up at 4 a.m. writing a book, or script or article, and the birds are chirping, and my house is still, it’s the best. I’ve found I can’t be creative if I have craziness in my life. And for so long, my life was filled with chaos, but I pushed all the negativity, (people, places and things), away so I could enjoy peace and quiet. It’s a wonderful thing.

If someone wanted to know how would five years from now matter, what would you tell them?

A: I will have accomplished my goal of building my multi-million dollar empire, which is an entertainment and empowerment company. In do so, I will have also built my own movie sound stage and production studio in order to continue to produce books, movies and TV shows. This in turn, will allow me to employee hundreds of people. I plan to also have an internship program for teenagers, and especially teen mothers. They need mentors and that’s what I will supply for them. In addition, I plan to have my non-profit organization, “Let’s Get On It,” to award scholarships for college to children of military veterans, firefighters, and paramedics. Through my Fighting Spirit Warriors: Fitness for Self-Defense program, I will continue my mission to train girls and women so they don’t become victims of rape, sexual assault or domestic violence. Giving back and leaving an amazing legacy is what is should be all about if one is in a position of power and wealth.

As a screenwriter, tell us about what you have worked on and what projects you are working on right now.

Scan_20160401 (2)

A: In my career so far, I have sold two scripts, “Scar Across My Heart” and “The Champion Inside.” I have produced short films, a documentary, “A Filmmaker’s Personal Journey,” and a feature film entitled “Spirit.” Currently, I am in production on “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives,” which I wrote and will direct. The film deals with military veterans and post-traumatic stress disorder. In development is “Listen To What The Dead Are Saying,” which focuses on a female forensic police officer in Philadelphia. After that I will concentrate on getting my memoir, HERE I STAND, turned into a feature film.


Does there come a time in the day that you need to quiet the voices in your head, as a writer? What do you do if so?

A: No, I like the voices in my head. It helps me develop characters, especially for the novel I’m currently writing, “Sunny Days and Bloody Nights.” It’s an erotic thriller, lots of sex and murder. Good stuff.

What advice do you give someone who wants to turn their book into a screenplay?

A: As a screenwriting judge for the Set in Philadelphia Screenwriting Contest, which is sponsored annually by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, I read tons of scrips and not being truly knowledgeable about how a screenplay is constructed is the reason so many scripts are bad. Take the time to study, study and study, which means reading lots of scripts, taking classes, going to workshops, watching movies, not for enjoyment, but to study. It takes a lot of work to become a great screenwriter, not just in how to structure a script, but how to develop characters, dialogue, pacing, and so much more. Turning a book into a screenplay is even more difficult because you must shrink a book of 300, 400 pages into a script of no more than 120 pages, which is a two hour movie. That takes skill to do and to do well. So, first learn how to write a great script, then take more time to learn how to turn a book into a screenplay. It takes time, dedication, hard work, and a tough skin to do it right.

If you could go anywhere in the world for a weekend, where would you go, and why?

A: Any place near water, where it’s quiet, and I can write and read books.

What are some of your simple pleasures?

A: Cooking. Lately, I’ve gotten into cooking different dishes. I plan to take some cooking classes and buy all these wonderful cooking equipment and gadgets.

What three questions do you wish you knew the answers to?

A: Who really shot JFK? Where is Jimmy Hoffa’s body buried? What does God look like?

Do you have any political aspirations?

A: Like I said as this time in my life I enjoy a peaceful and quiet life and politics is anything but that. I would be stressed all the time. No thanks.

What do you think society can do without?

A: People who are just downright mean and evil.

Tell me about, I HIT BACK?

I hit back T-shirt Jill

A: I HIT BACK is a movement, a call to action. For all people, males and females, politicians, celebrities, athletes, businessmen, religious leaders, and the general public, it requires everyone to join in the movement and to pledge to speak out against the violence that plagues females. This movement is a way to change the way people think and talk about rape, sexual assault, or domestic violence, human trafficking, stalking, discrimination, and inequity, and help make changes in the laws that govern the way girls and women are treated in the United States and other countries around the world. My goal is to make I HIT BACK an international movement.

A woman walks up to you and says, “You are my hero.” Are you embarrassed, humbled, or do you feel on top of the world? How would you feel, or has this happened already?

A: This has actually happened to me, especially after my memoir, HERE I STAND, came out. When it first happened I was taken aback. I had no idea my book would touch people’s lives in such a profound way. But I guess considering everything I’ve endured, especially when I was growing up, readers who are, or have, gone through their own struggles can relate. From government officials to people in correctional facilities, so many people have contacted me to ask two main questions: “How did you turn your life around?” “Can you help me do the same?”

Whose life have you had the greatest impact on?

A: I would hope that’s my children, Clinton, Andre, and Floricia. As a single parent, I am happy that I was able to instill certain qualities in them, like hard work, don’t quit, and never give up on their dreams. All three children are productive and successful adults now. My main impact on the world would be that I was able to raise children to become adults who aren’t a burden on me or society. They all left home at 18 and went out into the world to do great things.

You have the screenplay, Here I Stand, your memoir, all ready to go, who do you want to play you in the movie, if you could have anyone?

A: It will probably be an unknown actress because my character is featured from 14 to 20. I thought about Quvenzhané Wallis (“Anne,” “Beasts of the Southern Wild”). Depending on when the movie goes into production, she would be the right age and perfect for the role.

Cyrus Webb wrote a review on Here I Stand, on one part of his review he states, “For Jillian Bullock she has been able to deal with horrible challenges in her life all to move forward and still succeed. Part of her journey is chronicled in her book HERE I STAND. It takes you through not only the lack of love and respect she was shown, but how she was able to make the most of difficult times and difficult decisions.” Did he hit the mark and put into words exactly what your readers may get from your story?

A: My book is a rough read, meant for people over the age of 18 due to graphic situations, like when I was raped, when I was homeless and had to resort to drugs and prostitution as a way to survive. Or even when I witnessed my first Mob hit, (my stepfather was a member of the Philadelphia Italian Mafia), when I was nine. Plus, so much more. Yes, radio interviewer Cyrus Webb said it correct. I had to overcome tremendous obstacles and find a way to pull myself up by my bootstraps and push on. It’s been a long, hard journey, but one that has put me in the position as an empowerment speaker to help others.

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It’s twenty years in the future, your grandchildren are watching your story on video stream. When they ask you, are you happy? What do you expect your older self to say?

A: Absolutely. I’ve build a legacy I’m proud of by helping others. My kids and grandkids are healthy and happy. I’m healthy and in great shape physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I’m writing in my home, by the lake, where it’s quiet or I’m whipping up a fabulous exotic meal in my kitchen. I’m happy and at peace.

It has been an honor, and a priviledge getting to know Jillian Bullock, the empowered woman.

Please fill free to ask Ms. Bullock questions.

Thanks Jillian.

Jillian Bullock, Here I Stand







John Quinlan


An Interview by Taabia Dupree


John and I have been friends for a few years. I have interviewed him twice before this and put him on four of my book covers.

Jessica’s Obsession
The Cathouse Series: Boss Joe

John’s natural tattoos, and his signature shaven head, became the Most Tattooed Romance Cover Model in the World, 2013-14.

Now, after wearing many hats, John has embarked on yet another journey. We recently discussed his newest endeavor and we reminisced about a conversation we had five years ago. I had asked him where did he see himself five years in the future? Back then he said he wanted to be acting.

Well, five years later, and John is right on schedule. He is an actor in an upcoming military movie. One of those movies that the world needs to take notice of because of its profound story.

Taabia Dupree to John:

What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special?

I have so many great childhood memories. It’s really hard to narrow it down to just one but when I think about that one special memory was going to Fenway Park to watch the Boston Red Sox when I was 6 years old with my father and sitting right behind home plate.

Back then it was almost impossible to get tickets to sit there and I remember watching the guys that I saw on television looking like superheroes to me. I remember Reggie Jackson who was larger than life right in front of me and I thought this was so great. I was so small, I could barely even see over the wall in front of me so I had to stand up on the chair. I remember that day vividly and it was so special because the day was so perfect being sunny and 80 degrees. As a kid you don’t have a care in the world besides taking in the moment with your dad which is kind of the all-american tradition.

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Taabia Dupree to John:

When you were a teenager in high school, where any of the career opportunities you have had over the years, a part of the dream career you may have wanted for yourself when you grew up?

I think even as a young man I always wanted to be an athlete. I got very accustomed to the physical fitness and healthy lifestyle from a young age that I wanted to continue that the rest of my life. What better way to do it than to be an athlete which would allow me to do something I enjoyed throughout my life.

As of now, when I look back on my life, I had high school sports. Then came College in which I began weight training and was engaged in power lifting and junior bodybuilding.

Then I got into professional wrestling along with fitness modeling which groomed me a bit more towards the world of physique modeling. When it all  came together it lead me into the world of acting. I think my foundation as a young boy of wanting the be an athlete as a career all came full circle putting me on this righteous path as an actor.

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Taabia Dupree to John:

Are you the type of person that looks to their faith first, family or do you sit and write down the pros and cons when it comes to making career choices?

I always sit down and go over every aspect of a career choice in which I lay out all the pros and cons to come up with a decision that is best for me. When I look back on my life at this point, when it comes to any form of fitness or modeling and now acting, I always examine all the pros and cons that go into every choice I make. Especially in these industries as we all work so hard to attain goals which have involved so many sacrifices along the way. With me  personally over the years I always decided to look long term. I knew I would have to sacrifice a lot in the short term with the belief in my heart it was a pro choice. A pro choice because in doing so it would pay off for me in the long run down the road. Nothing ever came easy and I worked very hard over the years. I truly believe as we sit here together discussing pros and cons that it was definitely a big pro to sacrifice and go through the hell to come out where I want in the end.

Taabia Dupree to John:

Have you always been health conscious?

No, I wasn’t always health conscious. Like every other American kid when I was young I ate whatever I wanted to. I enjoyed my junk food because that is what a kid is. Being a kid is enjoying life and good food is part of enjoying life as a kid. I think as I got older and started College I began to slowly fine tune my diet a bit and it just progressed over the years. This happened through the advice of many people I met and became friends with in the fitness and model industry. I don’t think anybody, and I’m speaking for myself, can ever know enough about health, wellness and nutrition. I always ask questions and pick ones brain to find out how to do things. I’m the first guy that will ask questions about nutrition because I’m constantly fine tuning and improving my diet to help me as a model as well an actor.

Taabia Dupree to John:

Three years ago you decided to take your modeling career to a new level, you posed nude.  Tell me, what were your thoughts once you found out you were nominated for Playgirl’s Model of the month? In the US, there are lots of negative opinions on nudity. When your photos were released, were you cheered on or were there openly opinionated people speaking against your poses?

You are correct Taabia. In 2013, I was nominated for the June Playgirl Hunk of The Month. One of the guys I was working with at the time who was handling a lot of my stuff, Patric Jason Santos of Puerto Rico, informed me that I was nominated for this prestigious award. I remember him telling me that thousands applied and I was one of the few models chosen that made the final cut. As a model I was truly honored to be among the other amazing talent nominated from all over the world. I was told I had a good face and body for this competition so after some thought I decided to do it. I thought to myself, I’m only going around this world one time and not many models make it to this point so I just went for itNudeTie. I have no regrets. I am truly honored that I was able to showcase what I had as a model at this level. I did not win the competition, but the fact that I was nominated was a win in itself because in the model world it is very respectable to be selected for such titles. To be quite honest with you Taabia, I was taken back by all the love and support I received globally for posing nude in the Playgirl world. There will always be those who are critics and might have something negative to say but that goes with anything in life with all of us. I am truly humbled by all the kindness sent my way world wide from so many people towards my Playgirl shoots. As I stated before Taabia, I have no regrets. I do not regret posing nude for one minute. It was an honor just being picked as a male model at that level. I will take that to my grave.


Taabia Dupree to John:

Is there a difference between bodybuilding competitions and physique competitions?

Physique competitions and bodybuilding competitions are similar as well as having their differences. We both ideally come in with ABS and in great shape with similar contest preparation. Bodybuilding is a little more hardcore and strict with physique being a bit more fitness oriented. Male fitness models and guys of that nature that might not be as big sometimes as body builders although are in great condition fit into the Physique class. They might not be as striated as the bodybuilders who are a bit bigger and more vascular as a whole. Men’s Physique has guys in great condition although some bodybuilders are simply more muscularly dense overall on average. Many Men’s Physique competitors could cross over as a bodybuilder. I personally have a great respect for all physique competitors and my bodybuilding brothers alike and as we are like one big family. We all support each other as well all share the same common goals. We all have all sacrificed through many weeks of dieting with perseverance to finally make the stage so there is a mutual respect there among each other

You put in a lot of years as a physique competitor. What made you decide to leave the competition? It’s your last day on stage, forever, what were you thinking, and how were you feeling? 

Yes I did compete for a number of years. I think what made me decide to leave competitions was that I was getting into acting. I wanted to pursue acting full time and it was something new and exciting to me. I will always miss my days as a competitor on stage and they will always be a special. I will always hold a special place in my heart as those years helped put me in the position I am now. All those competitors in the National Physique Committee helped make me a better person. They showed me how hard work and dedication can be applied to every aspect of life. Not just preparing for a show but how to sacrifice and be disciplined in the game of life. To never lose sight of a goal just like reaching the stage which now is focused on acting. The NPC helped build that foundation for me.

My last day on stage I remember being very tired. It was my 10th show of the year and my 25th show in the past 4 years. I was really depleted very bad but it was a special event and it was not about winning or losing. That day it was all about being on stage and enjoying moment because I knew going in that is was going to be the last time I’ll ever be on stage. It was an emotional day for me but just being on stage with all the other great talent meant the world to me. To be look back on my life during that time and hear one say John Quinlan belted out 25 shows in a 4 year span is something I am very proud of. I placed 1st five times which included an Overall Physique title that I dedicated my grandfather who passed away 1 month prior. I always said win, lose or draw the very last time would cap off a special four your competition run. It was definitely an emotional moment when I was leaving the stage for the last time. I remember saying to myself, “I have sadness but chapter closing now opens the door to a brand new one.” That new chapter is acting which I am very excited about.

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Taabia Dupree to John:

John, about five years ago you and I had a conversation about goals and then we did an interview a year later. One of the things that you mentioned to me was that you wanted to become an actor somewhere down the line, maybe in 5 or 10 years. It’s now five years later and it seems like your dreams are coming true. You have been chosen to be in two different film projects. Can you give a little description of the two different projects and the roles that you have been chosen to play?

I do remember the interview we had almost 5 years ago and I did say at that time I wanted to be an actor. I just kept it fresh in my mind and I was going to use the competitions to get me back on track and in the right frame of mind. I made a conscious decision at that time to just push through everything that stood in my way and get it. It was my hope that God above would watch over me and say I was a man who worked his very hard and has earned the right to be placed on that righteous path as an actor. Yes I have two projects on the table right now. The first being the Boston film project. I can’t reveal too much at the current moment as we are keeping it under wraps via lawyers and copyrights but it is a great project that will be submitted too several major syndications as a series. We all believe it has great substance and chemistry with a great cast to really be something special. The second is the 2017 film in which I will be a featured actor. The title of the movie is, ‘A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives’ directed and produced by Jillian Bullock. Jillian is an amazing lady and a true inspiration to me and so many all over the world. My character is a mean and nasty individual, nothing like the real me, and is a very dramatic role as US Army Captain Jake Nixon. I recently just filmed my portion for the trailer and I have to go back in September to film my official part in the full length film in Philadelphia. From what I’m told, the movie will premiere at the Indie Film Festival and then have the major screening in Philadelphia with all the critics. From there it will go to theater or possibly HBO. We will see how everything turns out as it is a great movie with a mixed martial arts and military theme. It  really wakes up the world to a couple of the major problems in the military today which are neglected and often misunderstood which are sexual misconduct and post traumatic stress disorder PTSD. I am honored to be an actor in such an amazing film which stars Christopher Mann from HBO’s ‘The Wire’. It is going to be great and I truly look forward to both of these special projects coming soon.

More information on A Sense of Purpose, please check out Ms. Jillian Bullock’s website http://jbullockenterprises.com/a-sense-of-purpose.html.


Taabia Dupree to John:

I’m sure there isn’t just one thing that defines you, John. You’re finally an actor. You have worked hard over the past few years and still, you are a humbled man. In your past leading up to this new journey you are embarking on, what’s the one thing you want everybody to remember the most about John Quinlan?

Yes indeed it is nice to say I am finally an actor I take great pride in that title. To answer your question it would have to be two things that top the list of things I wish people to remember John Quinlan for. You mentioned I am a humble man and that is one of those things. No matter where I go in this life I always remain humble and I did everything I could to the best of my ability ego free without an attitude. I have always tried to be down to earth regular guy and I think the people that really know me best know I go above and beyond to help those around me. The second thing is that I worked very hard and I never quit regardless of how bad things were around me. In my life I never stopped,  I just kept pushing forward. I believe in God and through hard work along with that belief I will do some very special things in this life. When people see John Quinlan they’ll say he earned everything he ever received while remaining remain true to himself and all those around him.

Taabia Dupree to John:

You know I’m proud of you as many of your family and friends are, but there are those out there that see the outside shell, the man who you have said himself, has some rough edges.  What do you say to those people who only see that tough guy exterior?

My message for all those people who only see the tough guy exterior is never judge a book by its cover. I am drastically different on the inside then I am on the outside. Many people don’t know this but I’m a very emotional person and I wear myZomygoodness heart on my sleeve. A prime example of this is my upcoming role as an actor in the film, ‘A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives’ where I play the evil United States Army Captain Jake Nixon. Director and producer Jillian Bullock told me during a phone conversation we had a while back that is the beauty of acting. I can take a nice guy and transform him on film into something nothing like his real self and trust me captain Nixon is a terrible human being. He nothing like the real me. I truly agree with Jillian when I say that truly is the beauty of acting.

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Taabia Dupree to John:

John, what is some of the best advice you have ever received?

Some of the best advice I have ever received is to always work hard and remain humble. If you do both you’ll have the best chance to go as far as you can in this life and achieve all of your dreams.

Taabia Dupree to John:

What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?

Over the years I’ve known so many people who have been so great to me that it’s really almost impossible to narrow it down just one small act of kindness that has been shown to me. I can mention one that was very special going back over 15 years ago while I was working as a doorman at The Rack, a Boston nightclub which is now the Hard Rock Cafe in the financial district. I remember on Saturday nights they would have what they called, “The Saturday Night Dance Party at The Rack.” The radio station DJ that would be there was Vinnie Peruzzi, who has since passed away, who was a great guy that always believed in me. I remember every Saturday night while he was live on the radio he would always pull me aside and let me speak on the microphone live to the entire city of Boston mentioning any and all of my upcoming events. This meant the world to me and that is an act of kindness I will never forget. Thank you Vinnie, God Bless You.

2012 NPC Atlantic States Men's Physique Competitor John Quinlan 1Taabia Dupree to John:

What do you think you owe yourself?

I owe to myself after so many years of hard work and sacrifice to be able to follow through with achieving all of my goals and dreams. Many of these have taken almost two decades to come together and it is two decades of hard work and sacrifice. I owe it to myself after such a long period of time and giving up so much on this long journey do finish strong. Win lose or draw, if I finish strong and give it my all I will have no regrets.

Taabia Dupree to John:

What six words would you use to describe the last three months of your life?

Dedication, Discipline, Sacrifice, Grateful, Proud, Blessed.

lovethisposeofJohnTaabia Dupree to John:

What does inner peace mean to you, John?

Inner peace to me means being happy with myself no matter what others think of me. It’s looking at myself in the mirror and being truly satisfied with the decisions I have made in my life.

Taabia Dupree to John:

When you are 60 years old, what do you think will matter more to you then, than right now?

I think what might matter a bit more when I’m sixty then the age I’m at now is how many lives I was able to touch throughout my journey. When I am 60 years old a lot of the things I will have already completed that I haven’t completed now. I’ll be looking back on my life more as more of a retired guy when I am 60 years old. I will look back at that point and I will reflect on a more completed career of John Quinlan. I am really writing this life script right now. It will be nice when I am 60 years old to look back at all those lives I touched and all the people I was able to help inspire through hard work and never giving up.

Taabia Dupree to John:

Are you happy, John? 

Is John Quinlan happy? I have to always look at the glass as half full rather than half empty. I have to look at my life for the things I have done rather than the things I didn’t. At this point in my life I have accomplished some very special things and I have to be happy with those. The most important thing is I worked hard and gave it my best and I can live with that.

Although he goes forth with his full plate, John still remembers his friends, he has agreed to be on a book cover with the talented IR Author Jamallah Bergman, this year.

I, like his fans, will await John’s big screen debut in 2017. Until then, I’m sure he will keep making people smile.

This concludes the interview. Please take a minute and leave a comment. Thank you!

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I’m Thankful


I know most will say family, health and jobs etc. But, what does it all mean?

It’s easy to list things we’re thankful for, but do we really feel that gratitude? Does your love ones know you’re thankful for them?

Are you thankful for your job only because you have a job?

What is it that makes you thankful?

Personally, I’m thankful for my family because through them I learned about unconditional love.

I’m thankful for my faith because through my personal journey I’ve learned to rely on the fact that there is a higher power.

How about you?10592_HD


Wake Up America

Not all Muslims are terrorist.

Not all Christians carry guns.

Not all Jewish men spew hate.

Not all Catholics priest are pedophiles.

Stop generalizing.

People who are saying all of THEM are this or that.

Making others think anything is true about a specific group of people is a ballsy attempt at hate. Everything you hear about any race, religion etc. isn’t always true. But people get on a bandwagon and hate for no real reason.  They read something that worked them up into a frenzy, and it makes the hate grow.

Sadly before it’s all over, history will repeat itself if we are not careful. We’ll have war on American soil. People against people. Families against families.

Friends against friends.

(It’s already starting.)




#WakeUp before it’s too late.




Just a thought…

Something to think about…

Not everyone can stand up to you while you stand there with your self-absorbed personality. You may think that what you say to someone that puts them in their place or makes them feel small, or even makes them afraid of you, puts you higher up on some totem pole.

You are wrong. You have now become dirt. The person or persons you have been trying to put down and make them feel worthless, well they do, but they think of you as being a jackass and of no value.

They pretend that you are all that, but truth be told, you have scared them, bullied them, and they think you are nothing more than a monster. They are too afraid to tell the truth. I can’t believe that any self-righteous person would think they are all that if they really thought about what the person they are putting down really thinks.

My two cents worth.


Yellow-Rose I applaud anyone who has survived a bully attack. I can only wish that those who are still being bullied, they work really hard to believe in themselves and get help to stop the bullying. 


Oh Dolce!

Dolce Gabbana is at it once more.

This time one of their ads is showing a “gangbang”.

When is it OK to show your personal side in business?

It’s interesting to me what can be done to make a dollar. I’m not against the ad or for the ad. I’m just disappointed that a brand I use to adore is coming under so much scrutiny because the owners are testing the waters to get attention.  In my opinion.

According to the hype that’s going around, not only are “feminist” in an uproar, fashion consultant publicist Kelly Cutrone was pissed when she saw the ad.

She went to twitter and blasted the Dolce Gabbana duo. @KellyCutrone 

Recently in the news about their views on artificial insemination and what they call “synthetic children”.

There’s a boycott of their brand and several people have weighed in, for and against the men.

Famed singer songwriter Elton John and talkshow hostess Ellen Degeneres has joined the boycott.

I guess I need to keep up because even a writer from Forbes.Com weighed in…

{Throughout their multi-year criminal tax ordeal, the public and the media seemed to be behind the Italian billionaires.

That was so despite their more than $1.65 billion net worth—each. The public didn’t mind when they were alleged to have sold their company, stuffing money offshore away from the tax man. The sale of the Dolce & Gabbana label to Luxembourg-based Gado may primarily have been a tax shelter. Financially, Italy ended up making out just fine, collecting 343.3 million euros in fines and restitution from the pair. Several courts found them guilty of tax evasion, imposing 18 month jail sentences while prosecutors sought heftier three-year prison terms. In the end, though, the pair were vindicated and ruled not guilty by Italy’s highest court. So now D&G are OK with the taxman but not with Elton John. And yet taxes have a way of getting into virtually everything. Curiously, the subject of taxation and egg donations has hit the U.S. court system. Earlier this year, the U.S. Tax Court concluded that amounts received by an egg donor were taxable.}

Well Dolce & Gabbana, whatever are you going to do next?

Do you think their brand should be boycotted because of their personal views?


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Are you writing?

A few years ago I had a conversation with a few established writers on twitter. I asked how do they do it, I mean keep the books rolling out the way they do. Everyone had their answers, but the information they gave me sorta was summed up in one word, consistency. They told me to be consistent, and everything will fall into place. These ladies were knocking out 30k words in a day. How? It was their job. Writing is a job and can be a hobby for some, but these ladies worked hard to get established. They asked me what makes my job any different than theirs when they have to work 9-5 just like everyone else? What could I say?

Seriously though, great advice but consistency is hard work.  After four years and some months later, I have yet to perfect it, but I sure am getting close. It’s March 2015, and I am steadily climbing upwards.

If you have ever wanted to write, don’t give up the dream.

I tend to tell anyone who is interested in writing, write. Write your name, tell your story on a piece of paper. Find something of interest and write about that or write what in your head. Worry about grammar later. There are editors and proofreaders out there that will be more than happy to help you succeed. Don’t give up if anyone tells you that what you have written isn’t good enough. Join writer groups, find peers that are like you so you won’t feel alone. Get support and ideas from these groups that will enhance what you already know about your writing. Never give up, and always keep learning about what’s new out there in a genre. Also, write outside of your box just once to have the experience of doing something different. Make writing a challenge and try not to be like everyone else, be different. Lastly, be leery of a ‘good thing’. If you are offered a contract, make sure you’re not the only one reading the fine print. Money may sound good, but be wise not to sell your soul. There are going to be people who want to read and review your work, be sure to copyright. Publish your work first before giving your work to a blogger or reviewer.

I currently have self-published a handful of books, but I have a ways to go. I’ll tell you a little secret, when I do feel like I have accomplished what those ladies have, I know there will be a sense of pride that goes with that feeling. Also, I will have worked my you know what off to get where I wanted to be all along.

What in the world is a hole punch cloud?

Is it a phenom? Is it a gateway into heaven? Are the aliens about to attack or making contact? Check out the pictures below.

According to Wikipedia (Yes it’s the new age version of the encyclopedia. Only it’s created by people who like knowing stuff.)

A fallstreak hole, also known as a hole punch cloud, punch hole cloud, skypunch, canal cloud or cloud hole, is a large circular or elliptical gap that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds. Such holes are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing but the water has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation particles (see supercooled water). When ice crystals do form it will set off a domino effect, due to the Bergeron process, causing the water droplets around the crystals to evaporate: this leaves a large, often circular, hole in the cloud.

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    What is a hole punch cloud? Shows Many Hole Punch Clouds

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Officer Does Good

In the news recently, more recent than they want, police officers have been getting a bad wrap. I would say well-deserved attention to those who think they are above the law. High on a testosterone juice? Who knows what goes through an officer’s mind when he is beating someone senseless, but that is for another topic on another day.

One officer proved that not all police are bad. There are many good officers who still serve and protect. I know plenty! They really are out there and deserve to be recognized. We hear more sickening stories about officers who take the law into their own hands. I’m tired of it, are you? I say keep telling your stories, and maybe, just maybe the news will take a turn for the more positive like this story about  Athens-Clarke County Police Officer Gary “Lee” Crosby, who went out of his way to help a family that is down on their luck. He went on a call and found a family squatting at a resident.

Here is his story:
Athens-Clarke police officer buys groceries for family down on its luck. http://tinyurl.com/lky8yob Story by Joe Johnson