Taking back my life, 2018.

pexels-photo-568027.jpegI have Fibromyalgia and living with it, is difficult everyday. However, I do my best to have a positive outlook on things. One thing I do know about fibromyalgia is that it’s an autoimmune disease. You will find that some doctors will disagree that it is not an autoimmune disease, but my body tells me it definitely is one. I have to take vitamin D everyday. I’ll explain later why in another one of my blog post about Fibromyalgia.

One of the biggest things that is very harmful to me is inflammation. I have to be careful because with inflammation not only is my pain at its worst, inflammation is deadly. I’ll talk more about that in my next blog post.

I’ve already started but this year is all about me, getting healthier, and doing what’s right for my body. I started in the last week of December to go off of soda, like drinking my two favorites, diet soda, Pepsi and Ginger Ale.

This is where I roll my eyes at myself,  because I know I have to change and stop putting bad things into my body. I’m sure I have many friends who can tell me all the bad things that’s in a diet soda, lol.

My online friend, Author William G. Jones, and his beautiful lady Val, gave me great tips on healthy eating and using turmeric in my daily diet. pexels-photo-277253.jpeg That was almost 2 years ago. I did not forget what they shared with me. So, when I decided it was time for me to do the right thing for my body, I decided that I would give turmeric a try. Starting Thursday the 4th of Jan., I’ll be using Tumeric Curcumin with Ginger Powder, tablets.

Anyone else using Tumeric, Curcumin or Ginger? Or do you have any other healthy tips you want to share with me here?

Buyers Be Careful!

My mistake, sigh.

I get these crazy palpitations today but were slow building from last night. Now knowing my body, only 2 things give me those and one is lots of chocolate & the other is I haven’t been taking my iron meds. I was good on both. So, I did a little research, a little too late. I thought about everything I ate or drank yesterday.

My discovery, Bai fruit teas are caffeinated. DOH! They are made with coffee fruit and its supposed to be where the coffee bean comes from, well shhhhhT.

[The coffee bean is actually the center of the coffeefruit. And while we at Bai love a good cup of joe, we’re pretty pumped about repurposing the outside of the fruit, too.]

You know that saying you learn something new everyday? Still true for me today.

I guess my eyes glazed over the “35mg of Nature’s Caffeine.” DOH! Please don’t do what I did.

[Each variety is only five calories per serving, one gram of sugar, includes antioxidants (35mg vitamin C, 100mg polyphenols & chlorogenic acid from coffeefruit extract and white tea extract) and Nature’s Caffeine (35mg). All Bai Superteas are vegan, kosher, non-GMO and low glycemic.]

I’m drinking lots of water today, non caffeinated, of course. I don’t even have the water flavored. Ha.

Anywho, I should have known better. Just because it tastes good, doesn’t mean its good for you!

Alls well. But, lesson learned!

You can check these pages yourself. I admit my mistake. I sure liked the taste but I will be giving my bottles away. Here is an example of flavors that I thought I would enjoy. Peach & Passion Fruit were pretty good, but no more for me.


Bai website: http://www.drinkbai.com/whats-inside

Taste Tester: https://www.thrillist.com/drink/nation/coffee-fruit-drink-bai-5-taste-test

What I Think

Is this the end for #45? Or is this a scapegoat attempt to get away from something else that may be going on inside this administration?

According to the Washington Post, Don Jr. has the support of his family, including the president.

However, Vice- President Pence, he is staying out of sight. He isn’t touching this email issue with a ten foot pole. His advisors and lawyers are telling him to steer clear. Their only statement was that he wasn’t on the ticket when these emaila came into play and he is working to keep things on track with what the people voted the president into the house for.

My opinion-smart!

Also, according to the post –


If by chance, even down the line, #45 is outed, Pence would have showed this country under scrutiny, he stood grounded and kept working for the people. And, some officials will be covered because they likely will plead the 5th and only squak out info if it will keep them safe. IMO.

To me, I think these emails came out at the right time. It takes eyes off of whatever Trump is doing and whatever he may have done before getting electeds. [Did he have secret meetings with Russians?] Hmm.

They say there is a leak in the Whitehouse. How do we know its not from Pence’s camp? We don’t.

In my opinion, President Trump needs to keep his mouth shut on Twitter and take a note from Pence’s notebook, l2ook the other way, and do your job.

As far as the Russians are concerned, they will put out incriminating info if and only if, whatever they want from the US isnt given to them in a timely matter. IMO, they want something.

I also believe Trump’s ego will keep investigations going on on him and his administration. I think he is a loud mouth with an ego the size of the world. He isnt really listening to his advisors. He takes from what he wants but if it keeps him low key and out of the spotlight, he throws a tantrum.

I think he thinks this is all some kimd of game to bring back his reputation. Um, the rep that makes him look good, only to him. I bet he sits amd wants numbers on how many times his name is googled.

He keeps talking about a “witchhunt’. My advice Mr. President, Keep quiet, do your job that the people put you in the Whitehouse to do. Stop showboating, and stop trying to be the worse president in our history. Its not a great title. Stop being distracted. If you want people to like you, uh, no, not many do, but forget about your ego and talk sense. If you want people to get off whats being reported in the press that is negative about you, tweet about your traveling and what good you have done for this country since being elected

You want people who do not like you to sway towards likng you? Stop being the asanine president they do not respect and be the man that we all can be proud of.

This is our country sir, it is already great. We don’t need to go backwards, we need to keep progressing forward.

Take out your presonal feelings and get to working with communities & cities in this country that need funding for education and homelessness, especially for our Vets.

In my opinion sir, whoever helped you win that election knew they had a puppet. Sadly, they had no idea you would get out of control. Well sir, show them you are no puppet and you are there to fight for the people of this country.

We don’t need a wall, we need better understanding of the immigration laws. You sir, should understand about migrants and their struggles. Your forfeathers came over on a boat. Im going to guess you yourself have stories of their plight. If things have to be stricter than before, so be it, but don’t treat people like garbage or inhuman.

Lastly sir, a travel ban may or may not be needed, but you must realize, we have more threats to our lands than outside threats. We have terriost right here on American soil. You lock up our coutry to make us safe but we are already in danger. Not from Muslim people, not from a specific race or religious group, we sir, are in danger of the unknown assailants. The ones without faces who are visible in the day time. We just dont know their names. Our troops are spread out too far. I sure hope you have a backup plan.


According to the Post, someome is leaking info to the press. Hmm, I wonder…Doesnt’ it seem funny they havent found the culprit yet?

Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/category-5-hurricane-white-house-under-siege-by-trump-jrs-russia-revelations/2017/07/11/1e091478-664d-11e7-8eb5-cbccc2e7bfbf_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_whitehouse-910pm:homepage/

Politics and Flynn

CNN Breaking News:

Flynn seeks immunity for testimony

What does this really mean? Does it mean he has information that could benefit those who have been calling for impeachment of the 45th president of the US?

Does it mean that he surely wants to be kept out of the way when indictments are being served?

Does it mean he has key evidence that puts the 45th president in the room when conversations were going on before or after the election results?

Does it mean Flynn and others were in fact in talks with Russia about hacking the voting for the race for presidency?

What do you think it means?

Is Flynn trying to use the tact of CYA, and covering his own ass?


Proud American


I will always be proud of my country. We have been through crap but we always come out on top. God is not done with us yet. Despite the changing of presidents, we must stand firm and make sure our government continues to do right by us. We are fighters. Don’t lay down and die. Keep firm in your convictions. Fuck the bigots, and fascist thinkers. Fuck those who do not believe in equal rights for all. Those who believe strong arming us to conform, fuck em’.

I am an American and my people fought to make sure I was born free and fought to help keep this country free.

I refuse to be afraid to speak my mind. I am of the opinion, everyone has a right to freedom of speech. I can, not, like the president. Its my right. Its your right. Don’t use violence to show your anger and outrage because things didn’t go your way. I understand anger and disappointment and fear.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Get smarter. Make lawmakers fear you! Not through riots and death threats. Speak up, speak out, often! Its how laws are made. Educate yourself on your representatives. Go to the city hall meetings. Stop thinking your voice doesn’t count. The internet and social media become more powerful as days go by. Create forums and discuss your opinions in an intellectual manner. Not spewing words of hate. Do not become what they are, those who practice strong arming and use racism tactics to quiet you.

There is no going back. There is no making our country great again.


There are many who say dark days are coming. Well, there have been dark days before. The fight is not over! Racism didnt just start. Fascist didnt just come out of the closet. No surprise we have a president named Donald Trump.

Take heed, unless everyone gets in the game, America will go dark. Americans are proud people. I don’t see us laying down without fighting to keep the rights we fought so hard for, so, get your vitamins, wheaties, vegetables and fruit in your system. Take the fight to the right people.



This country was built on blood, sweat and tears. No man or woman deserves to be treated less than any other human being.

March! Represent democracy! No violence!

Don’t hate the president. Be better than those who think its ok to be against human rights!

#ProudAmerican #SupportLGBT #SupportNativePride #SupportEqualRights #WomanRights #HumanRights


Photo courtesy of a wallpaper site.

The Stranger

I began this story on October 28th 2016 of last year. Its an erotic short that I hope will get attention from readers who like to entice their senses. This story is unfinished. I will continue to write this story as readers give me feedback. Whether it be encouraging words to keep going or constructive criticism, this story will have an ending. Please be aware it does have adult content and profanity. It is also an as is story. No editor or proof reader has made any corrections.

Author Taabia Dupree presents The Stranger

The first night happened by mistake. I was riding home on the bus. It was crowded. I really hated the idea of getting on, but I was exhausted from a long day of back to back meetings.

I got on, paid my fair, and scooted past several people to get close to the back door. When it was my time to get off, I wanted an easy excape.

Every day for the past month, Mr. Sexy, got on two stops after I did. He would make his way to the back. I suspected he had the same idea as my own, quick exit. Today, he stood close by me. His arms were raised above his head as he held on to the overhead bar.

My pulse always quickend when I saw him because he had one of those bodies one only dreams of making love to, from head to toe, with my lips and tongue. Oy, I know its wrong to think so, but my boyfriend, sexy in his own right, and let me stop there because that’s a whole story of its own. Daniel does not have muscles like Mr. Sexy.

I sighed from contention. Those who knew my man would loudly protest, my observation, BF vs Mr. Sexy. I admitted to myself frequently it was wrong to think more than a thought of adequate approval for Mr. Sexy’s body, but I always seemed to go a few steps further and fantasized about him as we bumped our way on the bus towards our destinations.

Tonight as I fantasized about those strong arms holding me in place, it happened. I nearly fell into the lap of an elderly man. Mr. Sexy caught me and pressed my back to him, held me tight, and asked me in a whisper, “Are you, ok?”

My gawd, his voice! A singular, small question, had my clit pulsating. I could feel his cock pressed against my ass and like some virgin, I squeaked, “Yes!”

A soft chuckle I heard against my right ear. Mm, blissful. As the bus jolted us and bumped along, Mr. Sexy held me firmly with one arm, pressed against my belly. Holding me still. A few times the bus started and stopped and his hardness pushed against me, then slid from side to side.

I felt breathless, but anyone else may have felt assaulted. I grinned, this was a fantasy come true. I don’t think he would be doing this to just anyone. I’d like to think, he made this all happen, just for me.

My thoughts were interrupted by a passenger who excused himself as we seperated to allow him pass. I took that opportunity to turn and my mouth gaped open as I faced the sexiest pair of eyes and full beautifully plump looking lips. The truth of what I always thought about him, stood directly in front of me. I had a lustful crush on a stranger.

I gripped the bar above me with one hand and the side bar with the other. Lordy, do I come off desperate? Am I panting?

Mr. Sexy looked into my eyes and once again pulled me close. I dare not respond with a kiss to those come-hither looking lips. But when will I have this chance again? I’m damn sure not shy. Then again, what do onlookers think?

Pfft, why care what others observe? Perhaps they think we are lovers who can’t wait to get home and rip each others close off.

Hmm, my body responded to this man the first time I saw him. Why not be bold?

I slowly released my right hand on the bar. I would be a fool to drop my left hand grip on the side bar. Who the hell wants to be jolted by a sudden stop and land on the floor in front of this man? So, with crafty maneuvering, my boldness brings me to gently push my hand between us. Rock hard was an understatement. This guy was thick! He was long, and stone hard.

It was a bit difficult to turn my palm but I maneuvered enough to rub the length of him. I licked my lips. I wanted this man. I wanted to stick my hand in his pants, go to my knees and pleasure us both. The thought of my tongue and mouth working in unison, up and down his shaft, had my clit thumping. Mm, my palate loved a thick dick. Tasting him would be beyond an enjoyment for me. My appetite for cocks is something I have kept secret, even from my boyfriend. He refuses to allow me to pleasure him orally. That man actually said it was distateful. The nerve of him. What century was he really born in? Who doesn’t like oral sex?

I heard the intake of his breath as I rubbed. It brought me back to reality. He leaned in and whispered, “Don’t stop.” I didnt. I rubbed, squeezed, and could not help fantasizing once more about what it would be like to have him in my mouth. How could I stop? I longed to hear his whispers of joy in my ear.

As I became more excited of our little tryst, another passenger yelled he needed to get by. I whined outright, and seperated from my sexy stranger. I had hoped it to be only brief, but one, then two other passengers were excusing themselves as they headed between us and out the door.

Just as I looked back at him, he leaned in and whispered, “Take care.” I blinked, trying to understand. Was I now being rejected? Had I gone too far?

No, the wink came before he headed towards the front. The bell sounded and shortly there after, I saw his muscular arms move. Then, they were gone.

I quickly turned to peek outside. There, right as the bus pulled off, Mr. Sexy stood. A quick wave that I almost missed as he walked away. The bus continued on its journey to the next stop, mine.

I got off hurriedly. I stretched my neck, and slanted my body, here and there, but there was no sight of him. He was gone.

I felt lost and alone. The exhaustion from the day began to take its toll. My handbag dropped and it was caught by a large male hand. I turned quickly with an over zealous thought, it was him.

Of course not, you dolt. The one who lived with you. The one who called you earlier in the day to tell you he would meet you at the bus stop, stood there beaming at you. Excitedly, he hugged you. “Hey! Im happy to see you too, baby! Guess you got that promotion, huh?”

I wanted to cry. I was so horny and I knew I would be disappointed if I suggested to rush home and have sex on the living room couch.

“Baby?” He said with concern in his voice.

I feigned elation to see him and hugged him tight. My sigh was of disappointement, but he took it as any narcisst would, he thought it was me being estatic in having him there to walk me home.

He pulled me away and pressed his lips firmly against mine. A quick peck and we were walking towards our condo’s building. Not even holding hands. No more than a quick PDA, and Daniel began to discuss his day. Not even remarking about his earlier comment about my possible promotion.

I half listened as he gauffawed about a lawyer at the firm who told a joke that had them all in hysterics at their weekly meeting.

I tried not to roll my eyes.

As we walked I continued to sigh. My lust for a stranger should have made me feel guilty. I didn’t. I felt displaced. Which made me seriously think about my relationship with the talkative man beside me. Am I really that unhappy? Did I just feel up on a man I don’t know?

Daniel interrupted my thoughts with a firm hand grip. I yelped and he said, “What are you thinking about so seriously? You haven’t heard a word I said, have you?”

He looked angry. So, what? I’m angry too!

“I want to fuck!” I yelled.

He gripped my shoulders and asked me had I lost my everlasting mind.

Before I could answer, the man practically dragged me the rest of the way home.

I tried not to snatch away when he pulled me towards the door to the building. I knew any kind of dirty talk was taboo to Daniel. Using the work fuck was like I had cursed the heavens. I love fucking. You’d think I was an alien or something.

Daniel unlocked the door, waited for me to pass him as I walked in before he exploded. Wow, he even slammed the door. Did the fool forget the place wasn’t sound proof? His voice carried to neighbors. I often wondered what they thought of me. I know what one bitch thinks. The obnoxious sex addict. That is what that bitch called me when I overheard them talking about me. He once apologized to her for the exaggerated sounds that came from our place. What the fuck! Damn. So what if I enjoyed a good pounding from behind. The sounds I make with Daniel are quiet, but with Pinky and I, now that’s a different story

Ms. Bitch lived next door and she once complained to the association that tenants next to her were too noisy. Daniel was livid. He came up with rules for vaccuming, music & television operation, and the topper, what time of night was the best for love making. He actually spoke to her after the letter came from the association, about her schedule, to appease her. Really? Bitch please!

Not only did that piss me off, but I yelled that day as loud as I could, Are you fucking tenant 1346, Daniel? What a hoot that was because I swear he foamed at the mouth from anger and shock. That night I had the best orgasm. Me and my pink dildo took our relationship to another level.

Presently, he loudly explained why we aren’t married yet. I ignored him and contemplated my dilemma. I realized I needed more than a sexual release. I needed a man who would appreciate me for me. What a quandary. On one hand I lived with a man who gives me tangible proof he cares for me. Didn’t he just buy me a watch worth six grand? But on the other hand, what I really craved was, affectionate. How does such an articulate, intelligent man not know how to be affectionate? He reads up on everything. Why not read up on how to show love instead of using materialistic things to show your feelings? I don’t even wear the damn watch! Take me in your arms and kiss me until I give into your demands. Demand I become yours. Kiss my neck with butterfly kisses that make me quiver. Grab my hair and look into my eyes and tell me you love me. Then kiss me like you desperately need my touch.

The man kisses are ugh. I thought loving him would be enough. We’ve lived together for almost a year and we’ve cuddled at least three times in bed. I had to bitch just to get that from him. He argued I knew he wasn’t the romantic type. Angelika, what type of blinders do you have on?

As Daniel droned on and on, I craved a pair of soft, full lips. I began to fantasize about Mr. Sexy. I literally had an orgasm standing in the middle of our living room. My tongue wet my lips as I began to pant. I closed my eyes and watched my fantasy play out as if it was on a big screen in a theater.

Daniel’s voice slowly began to quiet as I moaned from the touch of my fantasy man.

How did it get here? How did I fall for Daniel when I really wanted a man that could make my clit jump and turn me into mush.


Hearing my name snapped me back to the present. Daniel’s look gave me chills. Not the good kind either.

“Why is it when I’m talking to you, you seem to go off into that nasty world you created for yourself. Sex isn’t everything Angelika. One day you’ll figure that out.” He said in a condesending voice. His eyes glared at me. I thought he would hit me but I knew he would not. He wasn’t the combative type. This was a norm. He hated sex. He hated that I loved sex.

Part 2 The Decision

The warmness of his breath I felt as he kissed my neck. My arms were above my head, held in place by his strong left hand. His other hand worked its way up my blouse, towards my hardened nipples. Which will he choose? The anticipation was driving me insane. I had already soaked my panties when this stranger grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the exit of the bus. I had no protest in me. I knew if he asked I would follow.

I awakened from this dream with a sigh. Daniel had already left and my clock told me I didn’t have time for a quickie with Pinky.

It was Monday morning again. Same ole same for the week. By the weekend it would be Friday night movie hump me night with Daniel.

I quickly got myself together and headed out for work. I smiled and thought about my stranger. Would he be on the bus tonight. Will he touch me?

No. It didn’t happen. Mr. Sexy Stranger was a no show for the week. Damn, Friday already! I got home and Daniel fussed and I heard very little but when he grabbed me by my shoulders and kissed me hard on my lips, I forgot for a second he wasn’t Mr. Sexy. I moaned and leaned in. The kiss was over in that second. He yelled at me that I was allowing sex to take over my priorities. Yup. That! That, is what brought me back to my senses. Daniel. Ah. What a dissapointment. He told me to go change and he would feed me before our movie date.

How did I end up here is what I continue to ask myself these past few days.

I stepped into the shower but before then I did a quick check to see where Daniel was in the condo. He was busying himself in the kitchen. Happily humming to a classical opera tune. Ugh. He should be getting in this damn shower with me.

I closed the batgroom door and locked it. The warm water was nice. I wanted to hurry, but the release I needed, had to be done slowly.

I pushed my face under the streaming water. It cascaded down my face, my neck, my breasts, my belly, and my hand that I had stuck between my thighs.

I didn’t need a fantasy man to please myself. I only needed the urge.

My mouth opened with a loud sigh that escaped. The middle fingers were doing their job. They went in and out of my pussy with precision, while my palm rubbed the hard clit that had waited to be touched.

Why couldn’t Daniel come in here to play with me? Oh Gawd that’s delightful. I worked my pussy with three fingers.

My stranger would probably make me feel this good. Mm. I wonder. Oh my! I bet his tongue is long. Damn, ohhhh! He is goood I bet. The way he’d play. Ohhh shit! Ohh, I want to fuck’n cum but not yet. Not yet.

I stepped out from the water. My fingers no longer between my thighs. I detached the shower head and moved back towards the back wall. The long hose with the shower head points downward. The water sprayed my thighs.

The shower head had different speed dials. I set it to hard blast. I moan and lift my leg and put my toes on the edge of the tub. The water pressed against my clit. It stimulated me to a full out loud moan, “Ohhh for the love of …” I closed her mouth and grunted. I didn’t want Daniel to be anywhere near the bathroom to hear me roar how good it felt. He’d try to interrupt me.

I rubbed the shower head against my clit in an up and down motion. I gasped and then I could’nt stop the moaning aloud. I yell out, “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I move faster against my clit while my fingers go in and out of me. The faster I rubbed the faster my fingers worked on the inside. My moans turned into loud grunts. I’m so close to cumming when that bastard starts banging at the door. But I dont stop. I can’t stop. I’m panting now. I’m not done dammit!

My heart thuds in my chest and I triy to slow my breathing. “Fuck.” The water, I turn the nozzle to easy spray and continued to let it rub against the opening of my pussy.

I knew what that loud banging meant. Daniel would soon enter the bathroom and my fun would stop all together. He had a fucking key to the damn bathroom.

I rubbed my clit with two fingers as I heard the door open. My orgasm was short and not as satifying. Daniel yelled he could hear me outside the bathroom door. He said he stepped into the bedroom to change his clothes because he would go workout after they ate. He also said he couldnt understand me.

I closed my eyes and let him drone on. I lay my head against the back wall. I the shower head in my hand at my side. I felt like crying, but I did’nt. I was angry as hell. My mind is made up. When tomorrow comes I’m going to follow the stranger when he gets off the bus. I only hope he doesn’t have anyone and he wants to take their bus flirtation to the next level of play.

Part 3
Coming soon!

All rights reserved. Copyright Taabia Dupree 2017

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2017 and New Beginnings


Its a new year and time for new beginnings. Many people get in a rut at the end of the year. Depression is at its highest around the world.

I like to believe that a new year brings new things. In fact, we are what we chose to be. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, we get up everyday, and walk our own paths.

Some believe God, The Great Spirit, shows us the way, but isnt it true, whether you hear which direction you should go in, you make the choice to either obey that strong sense of dominance that urges you to take a specific direction? Its an overwhelming feeling you get. Are you going down the right path?

You choose.

That brings me back to new beginnings. A new year. A fresh start.

Don’t you deserve to walk a path that will make you happy? A path that you can enjoy?

Sometimes life doesn’t allow us to choose, you may be thinking. I disagree. Why? Because the decision to walk a path that makes you happy, is a lot of work. Its just like the path you are on that you dread getting up for.

Value your life, and start your new beginning. Shake off that old depress state of mind. Walk a different path for awhile and see if its the new beginning you need.

I love Robert Frost’ poem, the Road Not Taken.

Which road will you choose? What will be your new beginnings?

Mine? Better health is at the top of my list.

Read my upcoming blog posts on my struggle with Fibromyalgia, and find out which road I have chosen to battle my chronic pain.















What does true happiness mean to you?