Buyers Be Careful!

My mistake, sigh.

I get these crazy palpitations today but were slow building from last night. Now knowing my body, only 2 things give me those and one is lots of chocolate & the other is I haven’t been taking my iron meds. I was good on both. So, I did a little research, a little too late. I thought about everything I ate or drank yesterday.

My discovery, Bai fruit teas are caffeinated. DOH! They are made with coffee fruit and its supposed to be where the coffee bean comes from, well shhhhhT.

[The coffee bean is actually the center of the coffeefruit. And while we at Bai love a good cup of joe, we’re pretty pumped about repurposing the outside of the fruit, too.]

You know that saying you learn something new everyday? Still true for me today.

I guess my eyes glazed over the “35mg of Nature’s Caffeine.” DOH! Please don’t do what I did.

[Each variety is only five calories per serving, one gram of sugar, includes antioxidants (35mg vitamin C, 100mg polyphenols & chlorogenic acid from coffeefruit extract and white tea extract) and Nature’s Caffeine (35mg). All Bai Superteas are vegan, kosher, non-GMO and low glycemic.]

I’m drinking lots of water today, non caffeinated, of course. I don’t even have the water flavored. Ha.

Anywho, I should have known better. Just because it tastes good, doesn’t mean its good for you!

Alls well. But, lesson learned!

You can check these pages yourself. I admit my mistake. I sure liked the taste but I will be giving my bottles away. Here is an example of flavors that I thought I would enjoy. Peach & Passion Fruit were pretty good, but no more for me.


Bai website:

Taste Tester:

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