What I Think

Is this the end for #45? Or is this a scapegoat attempt to get away from something else that may be going on inside this administration?

According to the Washington Post, Don Jr. has the support of his family, including the president.

However, Vice- President Pence, he is staying out of sight. He isn’t touching this email issue with a ten foot pole. His advisors and lawyers are telling him to steer clear. Their only statement was that he wasn’t on the ticket when these emaila came into play and he is working to keep things on track with what the people voted the president into the house for.

My opinion-smart!

Also, according to the post –


If by chance, even down the line, #45 is outed, Pence would have showed this country under scrutiny, he stood grounded and kept working for the people. And, some officials will be covered because they likely will plead the 5th and only squak out info if it will keep them safe. IMO.

To me, I think these emails came out at the right time. It takes eyes off of whatever Trump is doing and whatever he may have done before getting electeds. [Did he have secret meetings with Russians?] Hmm.

They say there is a leak in the Whitehouse. How do we know its not from Pence’s camp? We don’t.

In my opinion, President Trump needs to keep his mouth shut on Twitter and take a note from Pence’s notebook, l2ook the other way, and do your job.

As far as the Russians are concerned, they will put out incriminating info if and only if, whatever they want from the US isnt given to them in a timely matter. IMO, they want something.

I also believe Trump’s ego will keep investigations going on on him and his administration. I think he is a loud mouth with an ego the size of the world. He isnt really listening to his advisors. He takes from what he wants but if it keeps him low key and out of the spotlight, he throws a tantrum.

I think he thinks this is all some kimd of game to bring back his reputation. Um, the rep that makes him look good, only to him. I bet he sits amd wants numbers on how many times his name is googled.

He keeps talking about a “witchhunt’. My advice Mr. President, Keep quiet, do your job that the people put you in the Whitehouse to do. Stop showboating, and stop trying to be the worse president in our history. Its not a great title. Stop being distracted. If you want people to like you, uh, no, not many do, but forget about your ego and talk sense. If you want people to get off whats being reported in the press that is negative about you, tweet about your traveling and what good you have done for this country since being elected

You want people who do not like you to sway towards likng you? Stop being the asanine president they do not respect and be the man that we all can be proud of.

This is our country sir, it is already great. We don’t need to go backwards, we need to keep progressing forward.

Take out your presonal feelings and get to working with communities & cities in this country that need funding for education and homelessness, especially for our Vets.

In my opinion sir, whoever helped you win that election knew they had a puppet. Sadly, they had no idea you would get out of control. Well sir, show them you are no puppet and you are there to fight for the people of this country.

We don’t need a wall, we need better understanding of the immigration laws. You sir, should understand about migrants and their struggles. Your forfeathers came over on a boat. Im going to guess you yourself have stories of their plight. If things have to be stricter than before, so be it, but don’t treat people like garbage or inhuman.

Lastly sir, a travel ban may or may not be needed, but you must realize, we have more threats to our lands than outside threats. We have terriost right here on American soil. You lock up our coutry to make us safe but we are already in danger. Not from Muslim people, not from a specific race or religious group, we sir, are in danger of the unknown assailants. The ones without faces who are visible in the day time. We just dont know their names. Our troops are spread out too far. I sure hope you have a backup plan.


According to the Post, someome is leaking info to the press. Hmm, I wonder…Doesnt’ it seem funny they havent found the culprit yet?

Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/category-5-hurricane-white-house-under-siege-by-trump-jrs-russia-revelations/2017/07/11/1e091478-664d-11e7-8eb5-cbccc2e7bfbf_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_whitehouse-910pm:homepage/

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