2017 and New Beginnings


Its a new year and time for new beginnings. Many people get in a rut at the end of the year. Depression is at its highest around the world.

I like to believe that a new year brings new things. In fact, we are what we chose to be. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, we get up everyday, and walk our own paths.

Some believe God, The Great Spirit, shows us the way, but isnt it true, whether you hear which direction you should go in, you make the choice to either obey that strong sense of dominance that urges you to take a specific direction? Its an overwhelming feeling you get. Are you going down the right path?

You choose.

That brings me back to new beginnings. A new year. A fresh start.

Don’t you deserve to walk a path that will make you happy? A path that you can enjoy?

Sometimes life doesn’t allow us to choose, you may be thinking. I disagree. Why? Because the decision to walk a path that makes you happy, is a lot of work. Its just like the path you are on that you dread getting up for.

Value your life, and start your new beginning. Shake off that old depress state of mind. Walk a different path for awhile and see if its the new beginning you need.

I love Robert Frost’ poem, the Road Not Taken.

Which road will you choose? What will be your new beginnings?

Mine? Better health is at the top of my list.

Read my upcoming blog posts on my struggle with Fibromyalgia, and find out which road I have chosen to battle my chronic pain.

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