Wake Up America

Not all Muslims are terrorist.

Not all Christians carry guns.

Not all Jewish men spew hate.

Not all Catholics priest are pedophiles.

Stop generalizing.

People who are saying all of THEM are this or that.

Making others think anything is true about a specific group of people is a ballsy attempt at hate. Everything you hear about any race, religion etc. isn’t always true. But people get on a bandwagon and hate for no real reason. ¬†They¬†read something that worked them up into a frenzy, and it makes the hate grow.

Sadly before it’s all over, history will repeat itself if we are not careful. We’ll have war on American soil. People against people. Families against families.

Friends against friends.

(It’s already starting.)




#WakeUp before it’s too late.



2 thoughts on “Wake Up America

  1. I feel that humanity is all people getting along. It does not matter what color you are, what your nationality is, what your sexual preference is we were all made in God’s image. I hate to hear anyone put someone down. I was raised with the believe that until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you don’t know why they have done something or what their circumstance is. I wish for 2017 that people would just get along. We are all the same color under our skins and we are all beautiful. I pray that our new government will do right by the people and not breed more hostility.


    1. Well said Ms. Judy! I agree. I believe people are people. We are humans who are taught to either love thy neighbor, or hate them. I too pray that things get better, with more understanding of what each person is going through, while they are in our company.


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