Just a thought…

Something to think about…

Not everyone can stand up to you while you stand there with your self-absorbed personality. You may think that what you say to someone that puts them in their place or makes them feel small, or even makes them afraid of you, puts you higher up on some totem pole.

You are wrong. You have now become dirt. The person or persons you have been trying to put down and make them feel worthless, well they do, but they think of you as being a jackass and of no value.

They pretend that you are all that, but truth be told, you have scared them, bullied them, and they think you are nothing more than a monster. They are too afraid to tell the truth. I can’t believe that any self-righteous person would think they are all that if they really thought about what the person they are putting down really thinks.

My two cents worth.


Yellow-Rose I applaud anyone who has survived a bully attack. I can only wish that those who are still being bullied, they work really hard to believe in themselves and get help to stop the bullying. 


4 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. This is so true. Thank you for your bravery in posting it. You’re so right. Some people are scared to stand up. Some people don’t want the bully to feel how they are feeling. Because that feeling so horrible, that no one should feel that way. Even the bully.


  2. I need to believe in humanity, I work as a special education assistant in a middle school and I get to work with all the students in my school, not just special education. We have a policy in my school that constantly rewards students for being safe, respectful and responsible. There are times that I shake my head at the sense of entitlement these kids have, but on the other hand, they really like to help other students in their school, especially against bully. If they feel that someone is being bullied or someone was just rude, they come right out and tell an adult. I love that they have the strength to speak up for each other, even if they don’t know this student. This is what gives me hope for humanity, the empathy they feel for each other.


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