Are you writing?

A few years ago I had a conversation with a few established writers on twitter. I asked how do they do it, I mean keep the books rolling out the way they do. Everyone had their answers, but the information they gave me sorta was summed up in one word, consistency. They told me to be consistent, and everything will fall into place. These ladies were knocking out 30k words in a day. How? It was their job. Writing is a job and can be a hobby for some, but these ladies worked hard to get established. They asked me what makes my job any different than theirs when they have to work 9-5 just like everyone else? What could I say?

Seriously though, great advice but consistency is hard work.  After four years and some months later, I have yet to perfect it, but I sure am getting close. It’s March 2015, and I am steadily climbing upwards.

If you have ever wanted to write, don’t give up the dream.

I tend to tell anyone who is interested in writing, write. Write your name, tell your story on a piece of paper. Find something of interest and write about that or write what in your head. Worry about grammar later. There are editors and proofreaders out there that will be more than happy to help you succeed. Don’t give up if anyone tells you that what you have written isn’t good enough. Join writer groups, find peers that are like you so you won’t feel alone. Get support and ideas from these groups that will enhance what you already know about your writing. Never give up, and always keep learning about what’s new out there in a genre. Also, write outside of your box just once to have the experience of doing something different. Make writing a challenge and try not to be like everyone else, be different. Lastly, be leery of a ‘good thing’. If you are offered a contract, make sure you’re not the only one reading the fine print. Money may sound good, but be wise not to sell your soul. There are going to be people who want to read and review your work, be sure to copyright. Publish your work first before giving your work to a blogger or reviewer.

I currently have self-published a handful of books, but I have a ways to go. I’ll tell you a little secret, when I do feel like I have accomplished what those ladies have, I know there will be a sense of pride that goes with that feeling. Also, I will have worked my you know what off to get where I wanted to be all along.

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